TrustLaunch is a user-friendly and decentralized launchpad that makes it simple for anyone to launch their own token and conduct their initial token sale with ease. With TrustLaunch, you don't need any coding knowledge - simply use our platform to design your token in just a few clicks.

We offer a comprehensive suite of features to support your entire token launch, such as automatic listing on top decentralized exchanges such as PancakeSwap, as well as the option to lock your liquidity and add a vesting period for your tokens.

What makes TrustLaunch different?

TrustLaunch offers a unique and innovative approach to token launches compared to other launchpads. Here are a few ways that TrustLaunch stands out:

Voting System: TrustLaunch allows community members to vote on each project and provide their input. This helps to provide a sense of accountability and transparency, giving investors the opportunity to be a part of the decision-making process.

Trust Tag: Projects that lock liquidity for over 10 years and have 95% of their tokens locked can earn the Trust tag, which is a symbol of stability and security. This tag lets investors know that the project is committed to long-term success and is less likely to engage in any malicious or fraudulent activities.

Automated KYC Process: TrustLaunch implements a strict KYC procedure to prevent any malicious or fraudulent activities. However, unlike other launchpads, TrustLaunch has an automated KYC process that makes it easier and more affordable for project owners to comply with these regulations.

Easier to Trend: TrustLaunch provides a smart algorithm that takes into account various factors when determining which projects will trend on the platform. By providing the resources needed to succeed, projects can increase their chances of trending, which will help them to reach a wider audience and attract more investors.

Overall, TrustLaunch provides a secure, innovative, and user-friendly platform for launching tokens and organizing initial token sales. With its focus on community involvement, security, and affordability, TrustLaunch is quickly becoming the go-to launchpad for projects looking to bring their token to market.

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