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About the Team

Michael Bolduc is a multi-millionaire avid investor, creator of the Pay2Trade VIP trading group, and developer of successful projects. He is one of the co-owners of TrustLaunch.
Jan Trustman is the talented programmer who can turn any ideas into reality. He is a senior programmer that can make unmatched technology on the blockchain, Dapp, and Web 3.0. Jan is also a co-owner of TrustLaunch.

Control of TrustLaunch

TrustLaunch is governed by a multisig wallet system with two designated owners. This multisig wallet structure ensures that key decisions and actions require the consensus of both authorized parties. TrustLaunch operates with a distributed and decentralized approach, as decisions and actions are not controlled by a single individual. The involvement of multiple owners in the multisig wallet system adds an extra layer of security, accountability, and shared responsibility, promoting trust and transparency within the TrustLaunch ecosystem.