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  • Phase 1: Launch TrustLaunch as a reliable source of crypto launches, attracting 1.5 million monthly website visitors, and establishing a significant level of revenue to compete in the market.
  • Phase 2-3: Focus on developing innovative solutions and creating partnerships with suppliers who share the same values of honesty and keeping promises.
  • Phase 4: Assemble a mastermind team from early adopters and investors to brainstorm ways to stay highly competitive and dominate the market.
  • Throughout the year: Continuously measure success by tracking the number of satisfied investors who come from using TrustLaunch's platform. Maintain a secret group with the earliest investors and early adopters for close collaboration and idea sharing.
  • Ongoing: Maintain a focus on always treating the investor as the real customer and aligning with the company's values of honesty, integrity, and having the best interest of the customer in mind.