Staking at TrustLaunch

With TrustLaunch, staking your token goes beyond simply holding onto it. By staking your TrustLaunch token, you not only demonstrate your commitment but also become a part-owner of the platform, entitling you to a share of its daily revenue.

Through our innovative staking mechanism, 5% of the business's revenue is distributed to token holders who have staked their tokens, ensuring daily dividends paid out in BNB. We prioritize the relevance of staking benefits, which is why we currently limit the number of stakers to a maximum of 500. As the platform generates more revenue and expands, the number of stakers will increase over time, allowing for wider participation and ensuring the ongoing significance of staking rewards.

Accessibility and inclusivity are at the core of TrustLaunch. Currently, there is no minimum staking amount, empowering every token holder to participate as part-owners of the TrustLaunch platform, regardless of their stake's size.

We also understand the importance of flexibility. At TrustLaunch, you have the freedom to withdraw your staked tokens at any time. This ensures that you have full control over your assets, allowing you to manage your staking positions based on your individual preferences and needs.

Staking not only enhances the value of your token holdings but also provides you with the opportunity to share in the success of TrustLaunch and enjoy the rewards of active participation.

How to Stake

TrustLaunch Staking Tutorial:

Step 1: Go to: and connect your wallet to our website

Step 2: Enter the desired stake quantity

Step 3: Approve the staking contract to grant permission for TrustLaunch Staking to access your funds. Investors have the option to enter a custom permission amount.

Step 4: Stake your TLT!

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