TrustLaunch KYC

KYC is Only for Project Owners At TrustLaunch, we prioritize the safety of our investors. To prevent scams and rugpulls, we have implemented a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to verify the identity of project owners. Project owners must submit ID documentation, such as a passport or national ID, to an automated platform. This is similar to the KYC process on major exchanges such as Binance.

If any KYCed project’s team members engage in fraudulent activity, we will reveal their identities and make the information public for those wanting to file criminal charges. Investors who have evidence of a scam can contact us and we will conduct an investigation. Project owners who want to increase the legitimacy of their project can apply for KYC verification by contacting our KYC Manager on Telegram. The KYC process may take 24-48 hours.

We have also introduced a Doxx Badge to further encourage project owners to put their identity behind their project. To receive the Doxx Badge, project owners must complete KYC, upload a video AMA to YouTube, and share it with their community. The Doxx Badge is free and can be automatically after getting your KYC badge.

Note: The KYC process costs $500 and is non-refundable. You must use your real legal name and real role in the project. Failing to do so will result in immediate cancellation of your KYC without a refund.

It is important to remember that a project receiving the KYC badge does not mean that TrustLaunch endorses or recommends the project. Always conduct your own research before investing. TrustLaunch is a decentralized platform.

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