What Is TrustLock?

TrustLock empowers developers by providing a mechanism to lock excess token supply. This serves as a powerful tool for developers to demonstrate their commitment to responsible token management, instilling confidence and trust among investors in the project's long-term viability and sustainability.

Furthermore, TrustLock supports vesting, allowing token holders to implement gradual token release over time. Vesting schedules can be customized based on specific requirements, enabling a controlled distribution of tokens. By implementing vesting, TrustLock promotes responsible token distribution and prevents large, sudden token dumps that could disrupt the market. This ensures a more balanced and equitable ecosystem, protecting the interests of all participants and fostering a healthier and more sustainable growth trajectory. Trustlock offers advantages for investors too. If you want to secure your investment for a specific duration and avoid being swayed by price fluctuations, you can lock any token you hold. Keep in mind that once tokens are locked, they cannot be unlocked before the maturity date.

What is Vesting?

Vesting is a mechanism that regulates the release of tokens over a predefined period. It is commonly used to incentivize token holders, founders, and team members by gradually unlocking their tokens in predetermined intervals. This approach helps align the interests of all parties involved, encouraging long-term commitment and preventing immediate sell-offs that could negatively impact token value. For example: As a developer you pay a key team member 100,000 tokens with a two-year vesting period and 25% release every six months, they would receive 25,000 tokens every six months over the two years. It encourages long-term commitment and prevents a sudden influx of tokens into the market.


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