Create a LaunchPad

Step By Step Guide to Creating Your LaunchPad:

Step 1: Ensure your wallet is connected and you are on the proper network. Step 2: Navigate to “create a launchpad” page or click here ( Note that if you have just created a token using TrustLaunch, you may click at the bottom right, create a launchpad and it will automatically bring you to Step 4. Step 3: Enter the token address for your LaunchPad. Step 4: Approve sufficient spending cap and approve transaction on wallet.

Step 5: Insert details regarding your launchpad such as: - LaunchPad or Fair Launch - AutoLiquidity or Not - Presale rate

Step 6: Once you’ve entered all the details you may review then click “Create LaunchPad”. Step 7: Confirm transaction in your wallet to proceed.

Step 8 (Optional): If you accidentally made a mistake, you have the opportunity to make any edits necessary before continuing.

*Step 9: You must schedule your presale in order for it to display on “LaunchPad List”.

Step 10: Add your project details as necessary. In order to upload a logo, website URL, and social links, you must first sign in which will prompt a digital signature via your wallet. Once signed in, you may proceed with updating your project details.

Step 11 (Optional): If you wish to add whitelists to your project, you may do so from the “Whitelist” tab in edit launchpad. If you wish to have whitelisted addresses to your launchpad, ensure you enable whitelists. You may also see “Add/Remove Whitelists” Tutorial.

Step 12: Lastly, in the administration tab, you can finalize, cancel, and view and download your participants list as you wish. It is not necessary to update this tab to create your launchpad, in fact, this tab should only be accessed if you are cancelling your launchpad or finalizing it.

Additional Support:

If you feel you need additional support with your presale, consider premium launch as an alternative to gain access to your own personal support staff ready to assist you as required.

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