Edit a LaunchPad

How to access and edit your LaunchPad:

Step 1: In order to access your launchpad, you must first navigate to LaunchPad Lists as shown on image above.

Step 2: From the lists tab you can filter your LaunchPads to "show only your LaunchPads", at which point you can click “View Pool” on the token you wish to edit.

Step 3: After clicking “view pool” you will be brought to the LaunchPad and as the owner of the launchpad you will be able to access “Edit LaunchPad” as shown in the top right of the above image.

Step 4: From here you will be redirected to the edit page at which point you can make adjustments as necessary. If you need specific help with whitelists or finalizing your presale click below: Finalize Your Presale

Add/Remove Whitelists

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