TrustLaunch Presale

The TrustLaunch presale served as the initial public sale of TrustLaunch Token (TLT), providing early supporters and contributors with the opportunity to acquire TLT at a discounted price before its public availability on exchanges. The presale allowed individuals to become part of the TrustLaunch community early on and benefit from the long-term potential of TLT. It demonstrated our commitment to creating an inclusive and fair environment where supporters could actively contribute to the growth and success of the TrustLaunch platform.

Details of PreSale:

The presale tokenomics of TrustLaunch can be summarized based on the information provided in the image above. The liquidity of the TrustLaunch token is locked for a period of 10 years, ensuring stability and long-term commitment to the project. During the presale, the minimum purchase amount is set at 0.1 BNB, allowing for accessibility and inclusivity for all participants. On the other hand, the maximum purchase amount is capped at 30 BNB, ensuring a balanced distribution of tokens.

The presale aims to raise a minimum of 125 BNB, with a maximum target of 500 BNB. Any unsold tokens will be permanently burnt, reducing the total supply and enhancing the value of the remaining tokens. This is designed to foster trust, fair participation, and align the interests of presale investors with the long-term success of the TrustLaunch ecosystem.

PreSale Bonus:

During the TrustLaunch presale, an exclusive bonus incentive program to reward early investors was implemented. The bonus starts at 0% and incrementally increases by 5% at each 100 BNB raised, up to a maximum bonus of 25% at 500 BNB.

Presale Tokenomics:

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